What does over 30 years of experience bring a consultant?

Deep understanding of intercultural business nuances

Experience in a field allows you to go past the surface and into the deep crevices of a given arena.


I understand the difficulties, intrigue, possibilities and also grey area that comes with being in a cross-cultural business relationship. With so many moving parts, it's important to be able to integrate these nuances into a functional whole, where there is as much seamlessness as possible.

Whether it's figuring out how to focus on the long-term game plan, sorting out short-term concerns like chemistry and goal-alignment, or understanding contract concerns - deep experience allows me to efficiently look into matters and work with you to come to effective, applicable conclusions. 

There are three phases that need to be mastered for relationships between American and Chinese companies to flourish.


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I advise you on how to bridge your new transnational connection by harnessing my three-decade experience in such relationships.


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Once you have forged a relationship, or if you already have a relationship that you're struggling with, I then advise you on working to cultivate your relationship so it can healthily grow. 

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After bridging and growing your relationship, you need to learn how to keep it healthy - with understanding and trust existing as strong foundations. 

I facilitate these phases through a mastered, albeit flexible process.

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